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You care about others and so does your condom brand. Sam loves Max supplies premium quality condoms to you and to someone who needs them as well, at the same time. People that can’t afford condoms or even never heard of it.

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      5 pcs

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      15 pcs

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      50 pcs

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      Subscription 5

      5 condoms / £2.99 / month
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      Subscription 15

      15 condoms / £6.49 / month
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      Subscription 50

      50 condoms / £15.99 / month

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      Condom shortage

      There is a shortage of condoms for aid organisations worldwide. By donating our condoms to those organisations, we aim to contribute to the solution of this problem.

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      The AIDS epidemic is one of the biggest epidemics of all time. AIDS has taken 35 million lives over the past years and every year this number still increases by millions. Mothers and fathers leaving their children behind as orphans. Children who never have a fair chance to a future. Lovers, gay or straight, separated by death far too early.

      By making our condoms available and providing education we contribute to a safer sexual environment.

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      What is an STI?

      STI means sexually transmittable infection, also know as STD, sexually transmittable disease.

      You can get an STI by having sex. You can prevent this to happen by using a condom.

      For some STI’s there are symptoms but that’s not always the case.

      In most cases medication helps to cure an STI, some STI’s can’t be cured.

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      Unintentionally pregnancy

      Did you know that 75% of unintentionally pregnancies exist in relationships? The impression that unintentionally pregnancies mainly occur to singles, young women that are not having children, is wrong. It’s not so strange that this impression exists, it’s fed by the stories that we hear confirming it. The biggest group of unintentionally pregnant women has a relationship and often a family as well. Using a condom decreases the chance for an unintentionally pregnancy considerably.


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