The Mozambique project

The Anan Clinica Foundation is delighted about the collaboration with Sam loves Max and, due to the mutual connection with Aidsfonds, their fantastic donation of 37.500 condoms to the community of Nanatha in Mozambique. 

Anan Clinica is active in primary healthcare, education, agriculture, and water, with a strong focus on health, especially family planning. 

Teen moms, STI’s and unwanted pregnancies are a very big problem in this area. With a lot of education, persuasion, and now also with condoms (normally an expensive and poorly available product) we hope to be able to change this situation. 

The foundation is based in The Netherlands and Mozambique but is only active in Nanatha and surroundings, in the north of Mozambique. 

We work with Dutch volunteers (mostly students with a bachelor’s degree) guided by a board member and managed by our local community manager Feliciano supported by local volunteers (activistas).

The foundation is linked to Divers Eco Operation, the mother company of Nuarro Lodge ( The lodge facilitates the housing of the volunteers. Management and owners assist (also voluntarily) with often occurring activities like transport, accounting and advice. 

With Sam loves Max we have found a fantastic partner. We hope to make a step forward in making a better and healthier community in the area of Nanatha.