If you are sexually active and planning a trip somewhere you probably don’t want the risk of not finding your favorite brand of condoms at your destination. This begs the question, can you bring condoms on a plane?

As you would have probably guessed, taking condoms on a plane is allowed but there are some things to be aware of, such as where you pack them, as it can affect how well they work.

Join me as I run through everything you need to know about taking condoms on a plane so that you can do it the right way, make sure they work at your destination, and save some possible embarrassment along the way.

The TSA doesn’t actually have any specific rules about condoms. You can’t find a single piece of information about bringing condoms on a plane on their entire website.

But, they did happen to answer the question when someone asked on Twitter. The answer was yes, the TSA does allow you to carry condoms on planes in both your carry-on baggage and your checked baggage.

This is because condoms are not considered a dangerous item in any way, and even condoms with some lube inside don’t count as liquids either.

Where Should You Put Your Condom When Traveling on a Plane?
The best place to carry condoms when traveling is in your carry-on baggage as this ensures they remain at a sensible temperature that doesn’t damage their effectiveness.

If you put condoms in your checked baggage, they can suffer under cold conditions which can cause them to weaken and then break or create holes during use.

Checked baggage travels at the bottom of the plane where temperatures are less regulated. This means your condoms will be at a normal temperature, then get rather cold, and then warm up again.

This is not good for the latex and causes it to get damaged, and the last thing anyone needs is to use a defective condom.

Can You Carry Condoms in Your Pants?
Yes, you can carry a condom or two in your pants when going through the airport. However, I would advise that you move them into your carry-on for airport security.

The foil packaging that condoms come in can cause the metal detectors at airports to go off. If this happens, you will have to take the condom out of your pocket and show it to security, and all the other passengers waiting in the queue.

So, to avoid some embarrassment, maybe don’t leave a condom in your pants when walking through the airport.

How Many Condoms Can You Bring on a Plane?

There are no limits on the number of condoms you can bring on a plane according to the TSA. You can literally travel with a carry-on full of condoms and a checked bag full of condoms if you would like to.

Not that anyone would do this, but it just goes to show that condoms are a very safe thing to have on planes and bring no danger to the flight or passengers whatsoever.

Are Condoms Allowed Through Airport Security?
Yes, condoms are allowed through airport security. If you are traveling with condoms in your carry-on, your bag will not be flagged due to having any number of them inside.

But, if they look like something illegal, airport security does have the right to check. If they do check your bag individually, once they discover the condoms, nothing will happen, they will send you on through.

Do Condoms Set Off Metal Detectors?
It is possible, as I already mentioned, for the foil packaging of condoms to set off the metal detectors at airport security. It doesn’t happen every time though so I guess it depends on the condom’s packaging and perhaps the sensitivity of the metal detector.

For safety’s sake, as it is not worth having the metal detector go off due to a condom, check your pockets and put your condoms in your carry-on before going through the metal detector.

Verdict: Condoms On A Plane?

Yes, you can bring as many condoms as you like on a plane in both your checked and carry-on luggage.